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  RS Runescape Auto Clicker  

RS Auto Clicker Download, Free RuneScape Auto Clicker

Download a Free Runescape Auto Clicker!

autoclicker Free RS Auto Clicker Download

Runescape Auto Clicker: Do away with repetitive tasks!

A RuneScape auto clicker is a special program that will click for you. At a minimum, it will let you change the number of times and the time span that you want it to click. More advanced programs will have a built in mouse recorder. If you heard about the bot ban back in the Fall of 2011, you might be wondering whether autoclickers were affected. The answer is no. Autoclickers have always worked and there is no way programmatically for Jagex to ban them, even though they aren't a part of the officially sanction game play. In any case, a safe, free Runescape auto clicker can help you level up faster and easier than ever before!

Level while AFK with a Free RS Autoclicker

Why, if it's not considered to be "regular game play", would someone use an auto clicker? There are certain activities in Runescape that require you to click your mouse hundreds and of times over and over again. Specifically, auto clickers are often used for:
  • alching items
  • burning logs
  • burying bones
  • mining rocks
  • and tons more!

Sure, you could spend hours mindlessly burning logs or clicking to alchemy. Then again, you could be watching TV or doing your homework instead! Which would you enjoy more? Okay, maybe not the homework lol, but you get the idea. Runescape autoclickers can also be used to train magic when used to cast alchemy on objects, and prayer when burying bones. A good RS autoclicker can make you a lot of money even while you sleep, or at at work or school. Many people have farmed millions of gp by using RS autoclickers.

Are Runescape Auto Clickers Safe?

This will depend on the type of RS autoclicker bot you use, and the safety precautions you take. Autoclickers are some of the simplest bots available, which means that poorly coded ones, while undetectable by Jagex, can appear to be so repetitive to other players that they could possibly report you for botting. In that case, it's possible that Jagex might record your mouse movements if you're under suspicion, so be warned. Try to use Runescape auto clickers that have antiban built into them.

Antiban is a feature that is built into the RS Autoclicker that allows your mouse to move in a human way. For example, your pointer will occasionally click on another tab on your browser, or will do some random movements to make it seem that you are the one who is playing. We know players who have used the best bots for 3 straight days without getting banned, suspended, or even warned.

Download RS Auto Clickers, Bots, Macros Today!

In order to start using programs such as RS autos clickers, macros, and bots you will only need to download them, and open and start the program. You can then choose whatever you want to do with them.

BEWARE: Some programs have viruses and trojans built into them, so always download the bots from a TRUSTWORTHY site like the one below. Their RS autoclickers and bots have helped many players alch, bury bones, cut wood, mine, and dungeoneer like no other!

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