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  RS Runescape Auto Typer  

RS Auto Typer, RuneScape Auto Typer

Runescape Auto Typer: Profit more!

A RuneScape auto typer types whatever you want to say automatically so you don't have to type the same thing over and over again. If you play merchant a lot and buy and sell all the time then you probably have to continually type your sell or buying pitch and that can get very tedious. A Runescape auto typer can save you from these long boring hours, not to mention sore fingers! This can be especially true for slow typers so sometimes you might want to use a Runescape auto typer so you can focus on more important things and become a better merchant. Signup for a free auto Now!

Where can you download a safe, working RS Auto Typer?

If this is true and you are looking for a RS autotyper then be very careful as many sites feature software that can be harmful to your computer or runescape account. If you are looking for a website that has clean Runescape autos that are trustworthy then click on the banner below. has a great selection of working Runescape Auto typers, Bots, Guides, Cheats, and Hacks

You'll also want to use RS autotyper that has features that keeps Jagex from detecting it so you'll want an auto typer that makes you messages seem more natural to make it look less robotic. Some features to look for in a Runescape 2 auto typing bot are:
  • adjustable typing speed - this lets you pick how fast or slow your messages are typed
  • random pauses - your auto typer will pause randomly between messages to make it seem more human-like
  • typos - always having perfect spelling may seem suspicious, this will throw in a typo every once in a while
  • movement - your Runescape auto typer will move to random locations to make it seem less like a macro

Get your RS Auto Typing Macro today

Most Runescape autotyper macros are also super easy to use. All you have to do is:
  1. download your auto typer from
  2. open the macro
  3. click "Add Message" and type in your message and any special characters
  4. adjust the message typing speed
  5. start the program
  6. sit back and relax
Runescape Autotyper

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