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  RS Fighting Bot, Runescape Auto Fighter  

RS Auto Fighter, RuneScape Auto Fighting Bot

RS Auto Fighter: A powerful character effortlessly!

Simply put, a RS fighting auto will fight monsters in Runescape for you. They can be used to level all combat skills (attack, strength, defense, and range) from level 1-99. In addition, you can also make tons of money by using a Runescape auto fighter!
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How Runescape Autofighting bots work

The simplest RS auto fighter bots are programmed to recognize a certain color (the color of the monster) and click to kill on it when it appears. All you need to do to use these kinds of bots is to set the color you want it to recognize and hit start. The best Runescape Auto Fighters have more advanced features that will:
  • collect the monster drops and bank them
  • eat food/run when your life point is low
  • have anti-ban built into it (see more about anti-ban below)

Are Auto Fighters for Runescape safe to use?

Autofighters, like all other RS autos, are considered "bots" by Jagex, so if you are caught using one, you could get your account suspended. What are the chances of being caught? It all depends on the type of RS bot you use and the precautions that you take. If you are using the simplest of the RS fighting autos, another player may easily detect it because your mouse will be moving like a robot. It's possible that they could report you to Jagex. However, if you are using more advanced bots that have anti-ban, then it is safe to say that it will be almost impossible for others to detect it.

Runescape Auto Fighting Bot

So what exactly is anti-ban? It is a program that is built into bots that will make it harder for Jagex to detect your Runescape 2 auto fighters. Some features include, but are not limited to:
  1. random mouse movements that allow your mouse to move around in a "human" way.
  2. clicking on another tab in your browser (same as 1.)
  3. talks random things on its own (just as a safety precaution, other players might get suspicious if you never talk).
Some RS auto fighters even have features called "random event solvers." These programs can solve random events, which are, of course, puzzles that happen at random times that need to be solved.

Where can you download RS Autofighters?

Considering that there may be some risk involved, you might wonder why many of the most advanced players use Runescape auto fighters. Quite simply, it's because the auto fighter lets them level while they... you name it, sleep, go to school, watch TV, etc. If you can think of things you'd like to do with your time that don't involve clicking on monsters and their drops, then that's why you might want to try out a really good RS fighting bot.

Runescape 2 Botting Tips

Try not to use RS auto fighting bots (the simplest ones) for more than 10 hours. Even for advanced bots, don't use them for 24 hours a day to minimize the chances of being detected. Once in a while, you should try to do something random that makes Jagex think that you are not using an RS bot. For example, you can run or walk to a random location, or click on some random things. You can even say something random like "I aced the math test today!" or "I am going to the movies" every 2-3 hours to make Jagex think that you are the one who is operating the player.

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