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  Runescape Auto Miner  

Runescape Autominer, RS Autominer, Runescape Mining Bot

Runescape Autominer: Make mining fun again!

So let's start off with the basics. An auto is a third party program that allows you to cheat in many ways in Runescape. Then what is the Runescape auto miner? Well the name is self-explanatory. It is basically a program that mines ores, rune, gems, essence, etc. out of rocks for you. The ores can be dropped to power level your mining or your bot can bank the ores so you can:
  1. smelt them at a furnace
  2. turn them into bars
  3. these bars can be made into metal objects using your crafting, smithing, or construction skills
  4. sell these objects for gold
Why do players use an RS auto miner? It may be for the pleasure of cheating, thinking that they will not get caught, or maybe they cannot resist the fact that you can make huge profits in a very short amount of time. Seriously, who wants to waste their precious time clicking at rocks for 5 hours? You can even use a Runescape mining bot while you are sleeping (lol this is probably the most useful thing that you will be doing when sleeping apart from breathing).

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Types of Runescape Mining Bots

Depending on how RS mining autos were made, they have different features for each bot. Most Runescape autominers are programmed to recognize a certain color in the game (color of rocks, ores). In the simplest of the bots, all you need is to set the color that you want the Runescape mining bot to recognize, and hit the start button (simple, right?).

In advanced bots, you may have options to bank the ores when they are full, or simply drop them on the ground. Some advanced RS auto miners even have anti-ban programmed into them, which makes the mouse move in random directions. This makes it seem to Jagex that it is you who is playing and not the Runescape autominer, therefore making your chances of getting caught very slim. Jagex can easily be fooled because they only rely on your mouse movements and your log-in time, so if you have a RS auto mining bot with well designed anti-ban, then you are in the clear.

Runescape Auto Mining Bot

Are Runescape Auto Miners safe to use?

It all depends on what kind of RS bot you are using and what kind of precautions you take. We have tested how quickly they would notice that we were using a simple Runescape mining auto while on a level 3 account. It did not take even 2 hours for them to find out that we were using an auto miner.

However, as stated above, the more advanced Runescape mining bots that have anit-ban have the options to change your mouse movement, so it is virtually impossible to get caught. We have used an advanced RS auto miner bots for 2 days without it getting detected. That bot brought the mining up to level 50 in those two days.

Download only the best Runescape Mining Bot

The most trustworthy site we can recommend that has the most advanced RS2 auto mining bots is The bots on this site are truly amazing. They will easily gain you multiple mining levels overnight.

But what makes this the #1 website when it comes to botting is that it has a community of elite gamers who will help you level up quicker and easier. It's that community that makes it so trustworthy because the bots, cheats, guides and hacks have been tested by some of the most experienced gamers today.

Working Runescape Autominers, Bots, Guides, Macros, Cheats, and Hacks only at

Keep your account safe while using a Runescape Auto Mininer

Do not use a simple Runescape mining bot for more than half a day, because Jagex can record your mouse movements and they will know that there is something fishy going on if your mouse has been moving like a robot for half a day. Even advanced RS 2 mining bots shouldn't be used for 24 hours a day, as there may still be some risk involved.

Once in a while, try to do something random that makes Jagex think that you are not using an auto miner. For instance, you can run or walk to a random location, or click on some random things. You can even talk about some random things in the game like "I still haven't done the project that is due tomorrow" or "I'm so drowsy". Good luck!

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