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RS Runescape Bots

RS Bot, RuneScape Bot: Download Free, Working RS Bots

Use a Runescape Bot to level for you!

RuneScape bots are programs that automate certain actions in RS so you don't have to spend forever leveling up by doing the same things over and over. If you've been interested in Runescape botting for a while now, this is the place to learn about the different kinds of bots and how they work. We'll also tell you the best, safest places to download a good, working RS bots with antiban features.

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What a good RS bot can do for you

A working Runescape bot will level up for you in:
  • mining
  • woodcutting
  • fishing
  • hunting
  • firemaking
  • dungeoneering
  • money
and pretty much everything else. The problem is that most easy-to-find Runescape bots are also pretty easy to detect.

What makes a Runescape bot undetectable?

Because our good friends at Jagex work so hard to be able to detect most Runescape bots, there are very few that actually work while remaining relatively undetectable while you bot. Think about it. As part of the game, they are collecting data from the following inputs:
  • mouse
  • keyboard
  • camera
  • screen (of the client window only)
How can they tell when a human is in control vs. when a bot is in control? In general, a human won't click on the exact same pixel 2000 times over the course of an hour, while a poorly written bot will. Well written bots mimic human behavior by varying the actions they perform, taking breaks, and otherwise not acting so...ugh... robotic.

BCEL vs. Reflection Bots

There are two main kinds of bots: BCEL (Byte Code Engineering Library) and Reflection.

BCEL bots use an injector to hack the RS client. Once it writes its code into the client it is then able to extract lots of vital data about where it is in the game and what's going on around it. It uses that data to do the mining, woodcutting, fishing, etc., and to do it in a more human-like fashion. Of course, you've just injected code! You've left a trail of botting evidence that leads directly to your account. Or have you?

Yes and no. The absolute best bots can use such elaborate algorithms that they are nearly undetectable to the kinds of detection systems that Jagex have in place. There are millions of Runescape players online globally every minute of every day. There's no way they can monitor all of them closely at the level required to detect every bot. For the most part, they are waiting for reports from other players that there is a suspicious player. That's why you need to take a little time and search for RS bots that may be less well known, but that are also not as easily detected.

This leads us to Reflection bots. They simply read the data from the client as best they can, and use it to perform their tasks as best they can. They aren't as effective as the BCEL/injection bots, but they are essentially undetectable. Even if Jagex suspects you are using one, there is no way for them to prove it because nothing was injected or otherwise altered within the client. Whew!

Where can you find undetectable RS bots?

Pretty much every Runescape bot you will find with a basic internet search is detectable by Jagex and will get you banned or suspended soon after you use it. That is why we recommend using RS bots that aren't accessible to everyone because far fewer people will know about them. A good, safe, working, underground Runescape bot, as they are called, can be found at the link below. They work hard everyday to bring you working bots and autos that are not easily detectable.

Best Bots for Runescape. For free?

Some of the best most popular 2011 Runescape bots are:
  • Powerbot
  • Rsbuddy
  • Epicbot
  • Nexus
  • Scar
  • Simba
These are bot clients that use scripts or auth codes. So how does that work? Simply download the bot client and load the auth code or script for the skill that you want to automate. This can be a fishing script, dungeoneering script, woodcutting auth, or whichever one you're looking for. Than all you have to do is start the bot client and then... do nothing while it goes to work for you!

Some of these scripts and auth codes can be found for free but the best ones (VIP, Pro, Premium) are the ones you have to pay for. At $10+ per script this can get quite expensive! Well not anymore! Many of these RS bots are cracked and released to the public and the scripts and auths that you would have to pay for are distributed for free! Don't know where to find them? No problem, the members at MmorpGuides do and are posting the free scripts and auths daily. Which would you rather? Buy all the Runescape bots separately which could cost you hundreds of dollars or"get hundreds of them for a few dollars? I thought you might :)... You can sign up

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