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RS RuneScape Macros

RS Macros, RuneScape Macros

Auto level skills with a Runscape macro

Runescape Macros are very useful because they can level you up in almost anything while you sleep. It can get pretty boring leveling your skills but with a macro you can easily leveling the following:
  • Attack or fighting
  • Mining
  • Fishing
  • Woodcutting
  • Fletching
  • And more
RS macros do all that work for you so you can play another character, watch TV, or sleep!
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What are macros?

Macros usually come in the form of scripts or codes that other people or you have written, that you then use with a macro program. The most popular Runescape macro program to use with RS2 is SIMBA. SIMBA is a scriptable macro that allows you to do virtually anything in Runescape while sleeping. You have to be careful which scripts you use because most of the free ones as well as ones you have to pay for are very easily detectable by Jagex.

Where can you find easy to use macros?

For updated and working Runescape macro scripts and easy to follow tutorials on how to use them, please see the site below. They work very hard each day to bring you new and working content, plus they have experienced gamers and coders who can help you learn how to use the macros to your best advantage.
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